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'On the spot' deep listening

How to keep focused, calm and confident in moments of high pressure... If your role is client-facing, or if you need to influence colleagues or stakeholders, you'll benefit from 'deep listening' training. The ability to truly listen—even when the pressure is on—marks out the best communicators. 

Improvisation training is extremely helpful to anyone in a client-facing role. It is not about 'winging it' or flying into a meeting without a plan. It is about gaining the tools, tips and techniques to listen and react well. Improvisation is NOT about working without a safety net; being skilled in improvisation IS the safety net.

Improvising well helps you make the shift from “Help! what do I say next?” to learning how to actively listen to your colleagues and clients ‘in the moment" and react accordingly. Thinking on your feet doesn’t necessarily mean having to go faster/be quick. 

“In high pressure or difficult meetings a natural response is to speed up one’s speech. Exercises today helped me recognise that, and gave me ways to pause, slow down and be comfortable.” Lisa Williams, MD, Atom Content Marketing.

You can, in fact, slow it down and take ownership of the pace. Its Ok to find your own rhythm and your own voice in those moments where you need to make it count.

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