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How to tame failure

Fear of failure haunts most people. This fear is often the deep-seated result of being judged throughout a graded educational system. The dreaded school report and the long walk home to parents...

Blame game hard to shake off

In business the anxiety around making mistakes or not hitting targets can be particularly crippling. Yet a mature and open approach to dealing with failure is the only way to grow a ‘learning culture’ within enterprise.

How people and organisations learn from mistakes—or fail to do so—can be the fundamental difference between close market competitors.

Creative businesses and failure

Ideas for creative solutions can go through the normal development process, be approved by the client and generate huge excitement within an agency. Yet they can still crash and burn.

When failures like this happen it’s tempting to find someone to blame. But is rare that one person is responsible for business failure. Managers want answers, but rushing to judgement after a failed event rarely brings about the best results for future work.

The response of the creative and client services teams in dealing with this situation is crucial. Designers, copywriters, strategists and planners must collectively learn from the experience. It won’t help them if they are hung out to dry, confidence shattered. They will never take the risky route again. Managers mustn’t stifle the creative urge which embodies out-there thinking. A true learning organisation has a mature understanding of risk.

Step forward

With humility as a guiding principle, our workshop Re-framing the ‘F’ word supports agencies that want to turn failure to their advantage.

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