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What happens at a training workshop?

First and foremost, our workshops are about having fun. When we are enjoying ourselves, it’s much easier to learn new skills, to unlock ideas and to reflect positively on the notion of change.

Participants will play games and exercises in groups and pairs. The activities will often involve making things up on the spot and being obliged to say or do things which spring to mind in the spur of the moment. This might be:

  • In face to face exchanges
  • It might involve being physically active
  • Sometimes it will simply involve using a pen and paper.

The initial games and exercises are designed to relax and put people at ease. Following this they are designed to:

  • Reveal habitual action and behaviour
  • Sharpen creative agility
  • Improve listening skills
  • Encourage a sense of mischief and status play.

Some games and exercises will feel more challenging than others, some will feel bonkers, some will elicit surprising responses but importantly, participants will never be forcibly made to feel uncomfortable.

Our training draws on fundamental principals of improvisation - listening and accepting - but is far from the world of role-play, acting or performing. Our belief is that great ideas already exist within us all. We are not empty vessels. Our training is therefore about removing the blockage or the stuckness that’s restricting our path to change and discovery.

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