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Workshop 1: How to be memorable - make your conversations count

LENGTH:     3 hours
CAPACITY:  Up to 14 people
NOTE:         The workshop is designed for existing teams; or groups of smaller, linked teams

In this training workshop participants will learn:

  • How to take ownership of the pace of a conversation, allowing you time to think and not panic.
  • Techniques to put others at ease.
  • How to steer away from the tendency to become defensive.
  • Techniques that improve physical, emotional and verbal presence in order to make your conversations memorable.
  • How to generate a good sense of rapport in the room.
  • How to sound authentic.
  • How to tell a story. Great storytelling is at the heart of effective selling. Effective sellers, like great storytellers, know how to draw attention from their audience. They are adept at knowing when and how to deliver the most crucial pieces of information – the material they really need their clients to remember

Verbal communication is of course so familiar to us, so central to our everyday lives that we rarely reflect on how good we are at it – that is to say, how good we are at listening and how good we are at ensuring that we’re really being heard.

But the proposition still sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Who needs training in how to have a conversation? Well, our Business Improvers facilitators can quickly reveal how easy it is to become disproportionately focused on what we’re going to say next rather than on what a colleague or client is telling us. Our training also highlights how we can get locked into habitual responses, responses that might be limiting the productiveness of a verbal exchange.

“In high pressure or difficult meetings a natural response is to speed up one’s speech. Exercises today helped me recognise that, and gave me ways to pause, slow down and be comfortable.” Lisa Williams, MD, Atom Content Marketing

This training workshop is designed to develop a participant’s capacity to ensure that a colleague or client feels they are being properly listened to/understood, and also to ensure that you have been memorable in an exchange. Honing these skills will pay big dividends.

The training also addresses a trend (particularly prevalent in younger employees) that managers have regularly sought our advice on. Email communication has clearly revolutionised the way businesses operate, but it has also enabled us to retreat behind the safety of screens. As a consequence this can eclipse opportunities to refine our verbal communication skills. At the start of our training, participants often admit that they would rather communicate by email because a face to face conversation or phone call can feel quite daunting and stressful – the real fear of being put on the spot and not being able to think fast enough.

Our training doesn’t use role-play scenarios to develop communication skills. At Business Improvers we use games. It’s a lot of fun, it’s hands on, and all that is required of participants is to stick to the rules. No acting or drama training is required.


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